Different Directions

by Spankalicious

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This album represents my continued learning and growing in electronic composition. It encompasses many flavors of me. As a musician, I never had plans of ever doing just one thing within the music. Different Directions is a perfect example of that. Each track is it's own sound, it's own feel, it's own direction.

With all of the traveling and shows I have done over the past 4 years, I have been blessed to come into contact with many individuals that have inspired me to create. I am happy to have a collection collaborating with many artists. I continue to learn and be humble with every song that is made, and will continue to do so with the next.

2013 has been the wildest year yet with the most miles traveled. I have played in 37 states and made friends with many amazing souls that I hope to cross paths with again in the future! I can't thank all of you that have taken us in and been awesome hosts to us on the road. I find that my journey is a special one and it continues to connect me to places I never imagined I would travel.

So much love still exist today in all of us. Let's not let the beast of the mass media and corporate hodge podge be the reason we didn't save the world. There is much to do and many of us haven't made that choice yet to really pitch in and do our part. Let this be a reminder to do so.

It is amazing to be a part of this renaissance of sound and culture. I thank all of you that continue to support and inspire me! This small world has a lot of things that are meant to bring us down. I want to be remembered as someone that tried to bring us up. :)

With Love,


Different Directions Tour Dates:

10.3.2013 - Indianapolis, IN
10.4.2013 - Ft. Wayne, IN
10.5.2013 - Lansing, MI w/ The Coop
10.12.2013 - Cincinnati, OH w/ The Polish Ambassador
10.18.2013 - Pekin, IL w/ Robotic Pirate Monkey @ What The Dub 2
10.19.2013 - Lincoln, NE w/ Bass Coma
10.24.2013 - Knoxville, TN
10.26.2013 - Miami, FL w/ Kalya Scintilla, Bird of Prey
11.6.2013 - Grand Rapids, MI


released September 24, 2013

Mastered by Ryan Plunkett



all rights reserved


Spankalicious Cincinnati, Ohio

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